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Exclusives Section:
Ticket Presale: when there is a concert announced we will give you the heads up first and let you buy tickets before the public can! We will give you the pre-sale code so you can Beat the Box Office!

Enter to win: you have the opportunity to use your points to enter your name into your favorite prizes! You can enter as many times as you like as long as you have the CAPITAL CASH to spend. You can WIN prizes like concert/event tickets, CD's, DVD's, trips, movie passes and MORE! The prizes change all the time so make sure you check in often!

Earn Capital Cash:
This page of your membership lets you MAXIMIZE you amount of CAPITAL CASH you have in your account! There are various websites for you to enjoy and earn cash all at the same time. Each website visit rewards you with $100 in CAPITAL CASH.

My Rewards Account:

Need to know how many points you have spent or what prizes you have purchased? This is the link to check out. This page lets you see every opportunity you made cash and every time you spent cash. This page also shows you every prize that you have won and every time you have entered your name into one of our contests.

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